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Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Biking Tours, Hiking, City Excursions, Accommodations (B&B), or all in one! We can customize your trip so that you enjoy one adventure-filled package

Dive Cuba and Dive Now!

Eco-Diving Cuba

Relax, Unwind, Explore!
Check Out Our Scuba Diving Packages and Combo Tours. Eco-Diving Cuba offers many scuba diving activities and certification courses. We even offer night dives! There are so many unique sites to explore, including amazing shipwrecks, cenotes, and cave dives to spice things up for the more experienced divers.

1st Scuba Experience: Try scuba diving in Varadero or nearby. Don't worry if you've never had your toes wet before. If you have the passion, the team is here to hold your hand until you are living the dream. We promise that before you know it, you will shake your head and discover that you are breathing underwater like a fish!

Scuba Diving Varadero

Eco-Bike Cuba

Not Just A Bike, It's Life!
Whether you take in one of our daily Eco-Bike Tours, enjoy one of our quality bike rentals, or organize a company biking, hiking, walking, scuba diving, or snorkelling excursion, you are guaranteed to experience Matanzas and the rest of Cuba in an unforgettable way! So, explore Matanzas the new, eco-friendly way with Eco-Bike Cuba.

Eco bike tour available from Varadero and Matanzas

Casa Cozy Corner

A family Stay!
Breakfast is included and Wifi access is available (guests can purchase Wifi cards on site) Casa Cozy Corner B&B (Rent-Rooms) is in Matanzas City, in the neighbourhood of Reinol García along the eastern beaches of the city. The casa is a very relaxing place, with a swimming pool and surrounded by small gardens. Each of the two guest rooms are comfortable and feature air conditioners, a necessity for travels to Cuba. Three hundred meters from the house, you can find a super market and enjoy the nightclub La Salsa, which offers bar and restaurant services during the day and night. There are several other restaurants within walking distance, where you can try delicious Cuban, Creole and international food.

Casa Cozy Corner Stay, Scuba diving Varadero and bike tours

Snorkelling Adventures

Flexible to your plans!
When you take in one of our daily Eco-Snorkelling Tours", you will enjoy a quality guided tour of the coast and the countryside, perfect for individuals, small groups, or company outings. Several coralline barriers under crystalline waters exist for the enjoyment of snorkeling lovers. Club ScubAzul offer exciting adventures for you along the Cuban coast, with the possibility to combine your snorkeling excursion with a tour of another local part of Cuba.
As with all of our activities, Club ScubAzul can personalize your trip for you, your family, and friends.

Snorkelling trips from Varadero and Matanzas

Havana Tours

A Day in Havana
Tour Havana with ease and flexibility Havana is one of the most picturesque, old cities of America. The city buildings are built in their majority with pastel colors and calcareous stone. In the oldest part of Havana (known as Old Havana), located near the entrance to the port, you can walk through well-conserved, narrow stone paved streets and view old houses with arches, balconies, iron doors and interior patio gardens, all of which are of great historical interest.

Havana tour

About Us

Bike tour Atenas

Club ScubAzul

The Best Way To Experience Matanzas!

Since 2010, Club ScubAzul has shown thousands of guests the great city Matanzas and the different landscapes of Cuba in an eco-friendly, health-conscious way: through guided scuba diving, snorkelling and biking-hiking tours all across Cuba.

Our motto: Experience Matanzas – Don’t Just Drive Past It!

Trust us, you’ll appreciate the difference. We specialize in Eco-Bike tours and scuba diving for individuals and also have fantastic group tour options for corporate clients, social organizations, school and university groups, and, of course, families and friends. Ask us about our Matanzas bike tours, which are perfect for team building, birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and company challenges.

When you take the "auto" out of the transportation equation when visiting Matanzas or Varadero, you’ll be AMAZED by how much more you’ll see. There are so many secret gems that only Matanzas has to offer.   Eco-Bike Cuba tours or hiking tours offer visitors the ultimate up-close-and-personal city adventure. PLUS – you’ll be exploring the Matanzas in the greenest, most eco-friendly way possible. And for guests traveling far distances, the two best cures for jet lag are exercise and sunshine; you get plenty of each on any of our Matanzas and Varadero tours. It’s the best way to jump start your time and make the most of Matanzas sightseeing.

Our routes are designed to bypass traffic and showcase the most beautiful and unique parts of the city of Matanzas. You’ll find our guides to be not only experts on the city but also friendly and fun. And our equipment is top-of-the-line and always expertly tuned for your enjoyment.

Whether you take in one of our daily Eco-Bike Cuba tours, enjoy one of our quality bike rentals, or organize a company biking, hiking, walking,scuba diving, snorkelling or even event with Eco-Bike Cuba, you are guaranteed to experience Matanzas and Cuba, the eco-friendly, health conscious and most enjoyable way!

So, explore Matanzas the new, eco-friendly way with Eco-Bike Cuba.

Scuba Diving Varadero, instructor Rene available in Matanzas

Owner & Guide

Scuba Diving Varadero, Master Sadiel available in Matanzas

Guide & Dive Master

Scuba Diving Varadero, Master Arsel available in Matanzas

Dive Master & Driver