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Scuba Diving Varadero


Booking your excursions with Acuadive has many advantages

Combine SCUBA diving in Varadero with visits to different Cuban cities and other interesting places. Everything you want in one excursion.
From Varadero or Matanzas to Bay of Pigs, Havana City, Trinidad & Cienfuegos you could do Snorkeling, caves, wall & night diving, during an unforgettable trip.
Transfers, Cultural Tours, B&Bs, Personalized Service and...much more.!!

SCUBA Diving & Snorkeling

* * Accommodation, SCUBA diving in Varadero & Matanzas, Adventures and Tours around Cuba, All in one. !!

1st SCUBA Experience

* 1st SCUBA Experience *

Dive Cuba & Dive Now !!

Learning How To Dive

* PSS SCUBA Diving Courses *

Learn, Wherever You Are !!

Wall Dive Bay of Pigs

* Certified SCUBA Divers *

To Suit Your Adventures In Cuba !!

Beautiful Coral Reef

* SCUBA Packages *

Be Diving Some Days With Us !!

Diving with Sharks

* SCUBA-Tour & Dive with Sharks *

Tour, Dives, Bed & Breakfast...!!

Enjoying Snorkeling

* Snorkeling Adventures *

Warm Water, Coral Reef & Fish Color !!

Havana, Cuba Tour & Combo Packages

* * Accommodation, SCUBA diving in Cuba, adventures and tours, all in one. !!

* Havana Tours *

Private and Personalized...!!

Catedral de La Havana

* Cuba Tours *

Tours Available All Over Cuba...!!

Palacio de Valle, Cienfuegos, Cuba

* Combo Packages *

All in One, Stay, Tour & Dive...!!

Diving Nearby Trinidad City


Acuadive is the most diversified Scuba Diving club in Varadero, Matanzas, Cuba , fully licensed by FCAS (Cuban Federation Under Water Activities). WE offers courses of all levels with certifications from CMAS & PSS World Wide,,,so, Don't worry if you've never had your toes wet before, if you have the passion the team is here to hold your hand till you are living a dream,,,shake your head,,,you are breathing underwater! Like a fish, WOW .

  • SCUBA Diving for Kids


    Help kids & Nature.

    As a part of the quest for cleaner and more beautiful environment our club is teaming up with Cuban Government and PURE NATURE PROJECT to raise awareness and engage the youth with related art projects and cleanup dives. Cuban kids under 10 years old get subsidized lessons.!

  • Cuban Culture


    Explore The Culture

    Not only you will have smaller groups and safer dive experience, everyone at Acuadive will make every effort to share their proud heritage and history while showing you the genuine Cuban hospitality.
    With Acuadive you will receive personalized service for small groups of friends or family that want to enjoy their trip in a private way and without difficulties!
    Enjoy Scuba diving in Varadero or Matanzas with us and you will find amazing coral reef and a lot of color fish

  • Scuba diving Gear Room


    Max 4 divers/Dive Master

    With one DM added for every 2 additional divers. Often we carry on with less divers for added security. Upon client request, we can also double this measure.!

  • Scuba diving Gear Room


    Allowed Cancellations

    You can cancel your reservation at any time, Please do it 24 hours in advance to avoid incurring unnecessary transport expenses for the Club!

  • Scuba Tanks DIN & Joke System


    Flexible to your plans

    We can also coordinate the activities according your likes and possibilities.
    With Acuadive you will receive personalized service for small groups of friends or family that want to enjoy their trip in a private way and without difficulties!
    Remember Acuadive will make you enjoy scuba diving with confidence an fun.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

We invite you to get know our club members which are here to accompany you in your SCUBA diving adventures in Cuba and make you feel as part of our family during your stay with us.

Rene Advance SCUBA Instructor

Rene Alberto Gomez

Advance Instructor

I am SCUBA diving Instructor. I love the Nature mainly the underwater world with over 20 years experience in the SCUBA industry. I love to take pictures and worked over 15 years as SCUBA photographer. I love my family and have friends all over the world. To share my skills with my friends delights me. Therefore, I like to teach SCUBA diving. Acuadive is there to make your dreams of Cuba come true.

Sadiel Dive Master

Sadiel Gomez Vigoa

Dive Master

Just call me Sady . I am 24 years old. I began to dive since I was 11 years old, from that moment I began to be interested in the fauna and marine flora, of which I enjoy very much in each SCUBA diving immersion that I carry out. In these moments I am acquiring deep knowledge on the submarine world to be able to reach Instructor's category. I also like to practice kite surf and to make electronic music, a music fanatic, mainly in this gender. I also like a lot to live a night life and to get to know new people. Thus, reason for which I have many friendships with people around the world.

Arsel Dive Master


Dive Master

My name is Arsel. I am Dive Master. I like to swim and my favorite hobby is SCUBA Diving. I have more than 25 years of experience at sea mainly around Varadero & Matanzas. Family & friends are important to me and love to have parties on the weekends. I like to have new friendships & that is another reason to be working at Acuadive.

The most advanced study system, from the most avant-garde diver training agency.

PSS was the first training agency in the world to develop an E-learning applied to diving focusing, when internet was in its infancy, on new technology that would revolutionize the way we learn. Since then, PSS E-learning has never stopped evolving, integrating new functions such as multimedia areas that have earned it, as well as the title as the first e-learning in the history of diving, the title as the most advanced "cutting-edge" study system.

PSS Website

PSS Couses

Now available PSS world Wide Scuba diving Courses in Varadero and Matanzas.!!


PSS Couses

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Nearby Discoteca LA SALSA; in back of TRANSMETRO BUS BASE

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We are sure that you will enjoy and find great value in your trip with Acuadive.